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Protect your animals with our highly advanced mycotoxin deactivation products.

Mycostop products result from a long-term commitment to the protection of animals from the adverse effects of mycotoxins. Our products are tested, and their efficiency is proven, and these findings are published in scientific articles.

We combine different strategies in combating mycotoxins. These strategies’ final goal is to neutralize the adverse effects of mycotoxin presence in feed and prevent symptoms associated with mycotoxicosis.

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Mycostop Premium is a toxin binder made mainly of inorganic active components (EU-approved type of bentonite 1m558i) in the form of fine powder. Its mode of action is based on the binding of certain mycotoxins, and it helps in the prevention of mycotoxicosis.

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Mycostop Duplo is a mycotoxin binder that offers the complete solution for mycotoxins that are commonly present. Besides the inorganic component (EU-approved type of bentonite 1m558i), it contains various organic ingredients that act in the biotransformation of certain mycotoxins, prevent oxidative stress, support, and detoxicate liver and kidney function and improve animal natural immune response.

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