Inberg info

Who we are

Since our founding, we have grown from a local family-owned company to a company with credibility and a recognizable image. Our factory is located in Serbia, South-East Europe, and we are active in more than 20 countries on four continents.

All our companies employ over 200 employees, and all of us are committed to the same goal – high-quality animal nutrition! We are known for mycotoxin adsorbents, coated urea, and other products that improve farm animals’ performance. Our products contribute to safer human food worldwide.

Innovation is our driving force

Many years of dedicated work in our research center have resulted in an
innovative portfolio of products that differentiates us from other
companies in this field. Thanks to innovation and long-lasting work
experience, the company and our products have proven their quality,
taking an important place in the market of animal feed supplements.

Our research team comprises experts from different fields (biology,
veterinary medicine, feed technology, and animal husbandry). Their mission
is to continually track the latest animal nutrition trends, develop new
products, and modernize our production.

Our development team includes experts from Germany and the
Netherlands who possess extensive experience in animal nutrition. During
our long-lasting cooperation with these experts, we have managed to
develop exceptional quality products with outstanding performance on
farms around the world that have proven their place in the markets of many


1993 – 2003

The company was established and entered the market with feed premixes
and additives.
The company built its warehouse in Belgrade, Serbia.
Innovative products for animal nutrition are prepared in cooperation with
consultants from Germany and the Netherlands.
The company participates in many local agricultural exhibitions and occupies
its initial position on the market.
Number of employees: 30

2004 - 2010

The company built a new, modern production
We invest in the intensive education of our sales
and technical staff.
New automatic production lines were installed.
The cooperation with external experts is increased
to an even higher level, resulting in new and
innovative animal nutrition products.
The first experiments with microencapsulation
were performed.
The company grows, and the number of
employees reaches close to 100.

2011 - 2014

The company invests in a production facility
nearby Belgrade – it performs significant
reconstruction and modernization of the entire
A new category of additives for animal nutrition
is developed.
The microencapsulation technology has already
been tested, and the first products are presented
on the market.

2014 - NOW
Another production facility opens in the vicinity of Belgrade. The company participates in many international animal nutrition
Daughter companies are founded in Croatia, Bosnia, and Slovakia. The company is developing intensively, and the number of employees has increased to 200.
Our values
Since the company’s establishment, our vision has been to provide farmers with high-quality animal feed products and, thereby, to help them produce safe human food. We are committed to our customers, and our cooperation is based on the principles of mutual development. Our philosophy’s vital feature is to maintain and nurture long-term business relationships with all our partners.

From the very beginning, we have been committed to science and research. We believe that progress can be achieved only through continuous improvement. We are continually accepting new challenges and already working hard on new research and new products.