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We present a range of products intended for cultivation in aquaculture. Our products are specially crafted to enhance the health and performance of aquatic animals. From prebiotic to advanced toxin binders, we provide a comprehensive suite of tools designed to optimize yields, promote sustainability, and ensure the well-being of your aquatic animals. Explore a new standard in aquaculture with our innovative product line tailored to elevate your cultivation practices.

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Mycostop Duplo is a mycotoxin binder that offers the complete solution for mycotoxins that are commonly present. Besides the inorganic component (EU-approved type of bentonite 1m558i), it contains various organic ingredients that act in the biotransformation of certain mycotoxins, prevent oxidative stress, support, and detoxicate liver and kidney function and improve animal natural immune response.

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Mycostop Premium is a toxin binder made mainly of inorganic active components (EU-approved type of bentonite 1m558i) in the form of fine powder. Its mode of action is based on the binding of certain mycotoxins, and it helps in the prevention of mycotoxicosis.

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Mycoferm is a prebiotic composed of dried yeast and yeast cell walls derived from the yeast strain Saccharomyces cerevisiae. It is used in animal nutrition for all monogastric animals at any stage to preserve intestinal health and consequently improve animal performance.

Its mode of action consists of the binding of pathogens and stimulation of the immune system.
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SynMos is a synbiotic composed of carefully selected probiotic bacterial strains and prebiotic which contains β-glucans and mannan-oligosaccharides of yeast cell walls fortified with yucca extract.

It is used in animal nutrition for poultry, pigs, livestock and aquaculture to preserve intestinal health and consequently improve animal performance and it also helps to control and reduces ammonia and other toxic gases.
In aquaculture, many risks are related to fish, pond, and management. These risks can cause problems such as early mortality in shrimps, poor hatchability, uneven growth, poor exoskeleton, immune suppression, and disease outbreaks.

Phytonic aqua is a mix of unique herbal extracts with an immunostimulant, antibacterial, antiviral, digestant properties.

It improves intestinal health by decreasing pathogenic bacterial activity and improving the immune system. By improving gut microbiota and supporting gut development, this product stabilizes digestion and lowers feed conversion rate.