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Unleashing the Secrets to Boosting Milk Yield

Inberg, a trusted provider of top-quality feed additives, offers a range of products designed to enhance milk yield directly. With a commitment to European quality, Inberg provides dairy farmers with reliable tools and resources to boost production in their herds. Explore Inberg’s high-quality products and unlock the potential for increased dairy volume on your farm.


Factors Affecting Milk Yield

Lactation yield isn’t a solitary achievement; it emerges from a complex interplay of various factors, including:

Genetics and Breeding

The genetic heritage of cows plays a monumental role in shaping their moo juice production potential. With careful consideration, selective breeding programs pair high-yield individuals to propagate desirable traits, exerting a profound influence on future generations.

Nutrition and Feeding

An adequate and balanced diet is paramount for high milk production. Nutritional deficiencies can hinder lactation output, making it essential to provide cows with the right blend of proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins, and minerals. Every bite matters in the journey toward the augmented valuable product.

Navigating the Lactation Cycle

Mastering the intricate dance of the lactation cycle is essential for optimizing dairy output. Managing the stages of dairy production, dry periods, and transitions demands careful planning to unlock the full potential of milk production per lactation cycle. Accurately measuring and managing lactation yield is essential for optimizing production on a dairy farm.

Milk yield

Health and Disease Management

Healthy cows are more likely to give higher quantities of their valuable resource. Regular veterinary care, disease prevention, and prompt treatment all play a role in maintaining the herd’s well-being and sustaining milk result.

Environment and Comfort

Cows are sensitive creatures whose environment significantly impacts their stress levels and well-being. Comfortable housing, proper ventilation, and adequate space to move and rest contribute to their contentment, ultimately influencing lactose output.

Because you cannot influence all these factors, we are here to help you.

Introducing IncapsPro: Revolutionizing Milk Yield

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IncapsPro is an encapsulated nitrogen source for high-producing dairy cows and other ruminants such as young cattle, sheep, and goats.

In the quest for elevated dairy yield, innovative solutions like IncapsPro have emerged. It is encapsulated by layers of fatty acids, which prevent the immediate dissolution of the nitrogen. Its time-released effect during 8 hours ideally corresponds to the rumen passage rate of high-producing dairy cows.


How does it work?

Layers of fatty acids dissolve in the rumen over 8 hours, thus providing the microorganisms a constant level of available nitrogen. This affects that microbes in the rumen multiply. Increasing their number further contributes to the greater utilization of forage and other nutrients, resulting in higher milk volume and better growth.

Milk yield

Whether you’re an agricultural producer or aspire to join our global network of distributors, seize the opportunity to provide your clientele with solutions for high dairy production rate. Our unwavering assistance is at your disposal regardless of your location, whether in South America, Europe, Asia, Africa, or any other part of the world. Contact us today.